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Example 1 – Steep Section

The preservation of the Kowhai tree and the establishment of a vegetable patch and a sitting area were the requirements of this client. The challenge was the steep site.

Our response was to retain the bank to reduce the steepness of the bank and create a flat area and to bridge the wall foundations to preserve the root structure of the Kowhai and to curve the gardens, walls and deck to maintain a flow through the project to the vegetable garden. All the landscape elements combine to create this flowing, functional garden.

View of Kowhai tree before View of Kowhai tree after View from opposite direction

Example 2

Driveway and side view before Driveway and side view after

Example 3 – Modern Lines

This site required bold modern lines in the landscaping to complement the appearance of the house.

The steep and windy site required rocks to be used as a mulch to maintain moisture and suppress weeds.

The narrowness of the access ways necessitated the stepping stone style of paving for the walkways while the seating and tabled area requires a solid surface. The integration of these ideas coupled with the separation of space and area by trellising enhanced this project.


Example 4 – Added Space & Privacy

The client required automated irrigation and separate areas for outdoor living but the house has a North/South axis and therefore narrow yards on the east and west boundaries.

The small grass area adds to the feeling of space. The use of trellis throughout the project maintains a unity and provides privacy from the street and entrance path; but allows access. Trellis separates the utility area from the living zones. The house is below the roadway which created problems which we resolved with the use of a low retaining wall near the footpath.

Flowing gardens and integrated hard structure has satisfied this clients needs and incorporated the utility regions of the property in an appealing manner.

At job completion…
Entrance Small grass area Trellis provides privacy
Two years later…
Planting plan grows into life

Example 5


Example 6

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